IKASLAN is an association of public vocational colleges (61) from the Basque Country, its activities focus on initial vocational education and (continuing) training for workers as well as educational and occupational schemes for unemployed persons and workers threatened with unemployment. Our objective is to promote the personal and occupational development of the persons enrolled in our courses, by means of high-quality education and training provision. Educational provision is oriented towards the actual demands of the labour market and it also provides orientation in a world in motion. The high level of our courses is maintained by means of an internal quality management system, continual further training of employees and a transnational transfer of know-how. Most of our education and training courses are based on modular systems, so individually tailored, and thus highly efficient, forms of learning are possible. The formation is certified according to the international standard ISO.

Further information: www.ikaslangipuzkoa.eus