Leioa Hospitality and Catering College

Leioa Hospitality and Catering College was founded in 1981, after the Tourism and Trading department of the Basque country made a research study on the growth expected in the Catering industry. It started in Plentzia, in the school year 81-82, by teaching a higher level of Catering and Tourism, specialized in catering.

The philosophy behind vocational training requires us to take a practical approach to the teaching of an activity like cooking, which is why the university Campus was the final site chosen to build our school in 1983. This was also great to meet the needs for these kinds of studies.
We started serving from two canteens, one which had already been operating in the past and a newly built restaurant. Later on another canteen was opened, the one known as the buffet.
The relocation to the UPV was a milestone for the identity of the centre, as it brought about some advantages that have since marked the evolution of the school. The advantages are the following ones:

For further information:  www.hostelerialeioa.net