Sushi with Crickets, Mealworms and Grasshoppers

Serves: 4 Persons
Preparation time: 85 minutes
Cooking time: 25 minutes
Techniques: Cooking, roll


Sushi rice

Seasoning for the rice

Rice is at the basis of any type of sushi. Even the word sushi refers to the rice. Literally it means ‘sour tasting’, a reminder of the fact that originally fermented rice was used. Nowadays we use vinegared rice instead.
Alternatively you can of course buy ready made sushi rice vinegar.

  1. Before you start cooking the rice, make sure you have sushi rice vinegar ready.
  2. Cook the rice.
  3. Prepare the other ingredients you need for the sushi.
  4. Let the rice cool a little bit.
  5. Mix the seasoning vinegar into the rice and let it cool down.
  6. The rice is ready to use.
  7. Make the different sushi like the photo or use your own fantasy.