Da Vinci College

ROC Zuid – Holland – Zuid / Da Vinci College offers vocational training programs in Economics, Engineering and Technology, Information Technology, Health Care and Social Services. The age of our students ranges from 16 – about 20 years old. Besides also a wide variety of contract programs is offered, as well as basic education for adults. We are aware of the fact that being a ROC we play an important role in society and also have a great responsibility to prepare students in an adequate way for their further participation in society. This implies that we continuously work on enhancing relationships with supplying schools, companies and institutions. We have to know what the labour market needs.
Trying to respond to the needs of society & the labour market, we think that international activities, like mobility for students and staff, will help to get prepared for work at the international labour market and to be an understanding and contributing citizen

Further information: www.davinci.nl

Barbara van den Broek

Da Vinci college | Leerparkpromenade 100 | 3312 KW Dordrecht