Landstede is a Regional Education Centre, with services in the areas of vocational and general education. We house about 20.000 students/trainees. Landstede offers a wide range of vocational programmes. Landstede provides competence-based education that gives students the opportunity to work on their own talents. Landstede is one of the leading organisations in the Netherlands, as competence-based learning has been used in all VET from September 2011. Landstede is an enterprising organisation, deeply rooted in their region. Landstede has built up a sustainable relationship with companies, schools and other kind of organisations not only in her region, but also with international colleges and other partners in many European countries and around the world. Landstede stands for valuable learning, living and working.

Landstede organised many international projects that focused on mobility of students and teachers. In 2015, Landstede was awarded a Charter for Mobility. Landstede has been involved in TOI and Erasmus+ projects, such as: IOA, INtheMC Frojol, Qual4T, EUKCEM, INNOTEC, and Blended Programme. Landstede believes that educational institutes need to adopt internationalisation and mobility into the strategy and mission statement, as stakeholders are globalising. Therefore, Landstede developed a strategy internationlisation 2019-2022.

Landstede is a partner of the consortium I-CNN (Internationalisering Consortium Noord-Nederland), together with ROC Friese Poort and Alfa College. The three colleges collaborate closely in the field of internationalisation. The consortium is in possession of a Charter for Mobility.

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