Haricot Bean Stew

Serves: 4 Persons
Preparation time: 120 minutes
Cooking time: 90 minutes
Techniques: Boiling, simmering


  1. In a pot add some olive oil. Fry the garlic, the spring onion and the green pepper in brunoise with the bay leaf and the choricero pepper (dried red pepper) pulp (previously rehydrated).
  2.  Add the grated tomato pulp and cook all well. Add cold water and bring it to the boil. Add the leek and the carrot. When it´s boiling, add the frozen haricot beans. Once the stew is boiling again, reduce heat. Cook for an hour and a half approximately.
  3. Confit the boletus edulis with soft olive oil and a clove of garlic. Allow to cool and cut into thick escalope (select the younger mushrooms).
  4. Half-way through cooking, add the dried tomato strips (previously rehydrated), and when it´s almost cooked, add the black chanterelles (previously rehydrated too), and the sautéed boletus. Season to taste.
  5. Remove the vegetables from the fire and crush. Add them again to the stew in order to thicken it.
  6. Serve hot.